Boys During a Sports Practice


From the beginning I have always played sports. Started out with recreational soccer where I had fun and was happy to be on a team. I have played basketball, soccer,and volleyball through elementary school and ran the mile for track ( I got last place, by a lot but I was happy to be there). Then in high school I wasn’t good enough to make a lot of sports teams. I then joined cross country and track and found my nook. I went to state three of the four years in high school for cross country. I then went on to run two years at CSU Monterey Bay. Now I’m trying to run a marathon in every state. Through my fitness journey I decided I wanted to go to school for kinesiology. I finished my B.S at CSU Sacramento and became a personal trainer. I love being a personal trainer and helping people, but my real passion is to be able to help kids reach their potential and open doors that they never knew were there. I believe fitness is for everyone and you just have to find your nook.

Since high school, I knew I was going to dedicate my life to exercise and teaching. As my career progressed, I realized  that there’s nothing that I love more than sharing my knowledge with others. I believe fitness can be fun and done in a purposeful way. Contact me with any questions 

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